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Saturation | lost in all the noise and clutter

Posted by Vic Napelenok on Nov 15, 2017 2:07:10 PM

Email-Marketing-Rocket-Element-Inc.pngBeing bombarded with information from every direction is just overwhelming at best.

I understand the Irony in giving you more information on having too much information. But, for the most part, I don't believe that there is simply too much information, but that we tend to tune it out, or altogether leave if it becomes too cluttered and dilutes the value that was originally there (think of your email inbox).

What is the answer then? It seems that there is a tipping point for most channels or vehicles of communication. What I mean is, that in the beginning, a new channel brings more value than annoyance. After enough people are using the channel then it becomes a target for anyone who wants to be heard. Then it goes through some forms of evolution. Professionals find repeatable and processed ways to engage within the channel, experts come out with training lessons, apps are created to improve the delivery, etc.

Then it happens, the average "Joe-the-freelancer" blogger and all his buddies are doing it. These are the signs of saturation and should prompt you to find new ways to communicate your message. Either to improve the message and stand out somehow, or change the vehicle.

You want to be ahead of the clutter when it comes to marketing strategy and implementation.

Here are some changes...

  • Gated content -- Just when you found the perfect resource, you're greeted by a "Gate Keeper" the great and mighty "form". Please give us your info -- after all this isn't really free, it will cost you your contact info.
  • SEO is transitioning more and more to voice and natural-form search queries.
  • Ad's on search and social are becoming more intrusive and frequent.
  • Targetting prospects and "fit" marketing.

The bottom line is we don't want to be "inbound" or "content" /etc. just because it is the next big thing. We want to do whatever produces results -- to achieve the client's dreams, goals, and plans.

Always be thinking about the destination, not your favorite transportation.

Just because something's popular, doesn't mean that it is the best vehicle to achieve your goals.

In some cases, if the average Joe-the-freelancer blogger is doing it -- it has reached saturation, it's time to be more creative, speak louder and more often, or get a better vehicle.

Marketing Strategy is the foundation of your marketing efforts. without a strategy, you can be lost in all the noise and clutter.

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