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A Sales Story

Posted by Vic Napelenok on Nov 16, 2017 7:29:59 PM

Caleb-Sherlock.jpgThis is a random photo of my son and our puppy. It has nothing to do with this post, but I've heard that images have a better draw rate then just plain text :) 

In an effort to be transparent and helpful, I decided to post a real conversation with one of our Account Executives in training.

I removed the names for privacy, other than that, the rest is "as-is." Keep in mind this was an inner, casual communication not meant for external distribution - this was not brushed up to look presentable.

We use Hubspot CRM to manage all our sales.

This was the original entry in the clients' timeline, posted by our Account Executive in training:

"These guys have a brand new website created by [web design company] in 2017. Not sure how we would get them to buy in again with a new agency in the same year."

My response:

"[Account Executive] the site is new -- but it looks like [web design company] doesn't do marketing. If they just got a new website, it only means that you don't need to sell them on the value of online marketing as much. In some cases, this is even a better lead (not always). I know a guy ([trade] contractor) who paid $20K for a website then with another marketing company, he signed a $2,500 /month retainer the same year.

Identify & Connect
We, at our core, are a digital agency, not a website developer company. Meaning - that websites, like anything else, are just a tool in our tool-belt. If we thought that the marketing strategy wouldn't benefit from a "website" we would advise against it.

So at our core, we sell growth strategy, or dream/goal strategy and the application of that strategy. Everything else is used to achieve the dreams, goals, and plans of the client. The strategy produces a plan that is in line with the clients' Dreams/Goals/Plans for their company/business. The plan can include a redesigned website if that is part of the "strategy."
This is why it is crucial to know their (1) Dreams, (2) Goals, (3) Plans, (4) Worries/Fears when exploring.

We then can tell them (1) what we think is achievable within the next 12-months "goals", (2) how we will do it "plans", (3) what they can expect to receive "dreams/value", and (4) how much it will cost them "price" (this is the proposal).
If, during the "Advise" stage, the Strategist thinks we can't bring value -- given their current state + Dreams + Goals + Plans + Worries -- he/she then think of a way to bring value "Advise" with something they can do themselves. Or recommend alternatives -- helping them anyway, at no direct gain to us at the moment (hoping in "Karma" "What goes around comes around" "Do unto others...."). This is all communicated to the AE "you" and then you communicate to the prospect.

Inbound Sales
In any case, this should end with a positive experience for all involved.

Hope this helps :)



Just as I said above, in our communication, hope this helps!


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